Reiki Healing Meditation and a Good Night’s Sleep

Reiki experienceLast night, my boyfriend and I went to a reiki healing meditation circle. If you haven’t done this before, I highly recommend checking it out for a totally calming and peaceful Friday night followed up by a good night’s sleep. Reiki healing meditation circles are typically held at your local metaphysical store or spiritual center. If you’re not sure where to go, check with your massage therapist or yoga studio for some guidance.

Reiki is fairly new for my boyfriend. It was only his 2nd time going. He’s not exactly the meditation type. His meditation would be something more like pacing the house while he’s on the phone or relaxing with a sci-fi movie…but he absolutely loves it!! I know how much he benefits from it since he tends to have high amounts of stress and some difficulty sleeping. I usually have to remind him how much he enjoys it and give him a little nudge and then he’s always happy in the end that he did go.

It’s quite the variety of unique people you’ll find at a reiki healing circle. It’s even great stress relief for teens (if you can get them to join you…mine will not). If not, you’ll be less stressed and better able to deal with them after you’ve been.

The people who attend sometimes seem to speak their own spiritual type of language. You’ll hear things like chi, vibration, gratitude, presence, awareness, universal life force, etc.

Reiki is spiritual in nature but it is not a religion. It doesn’t require any belief for it to work. It’s performed by a laying on of hands. It can be done one on one or in a group.

The word Reiki is broken down to:-

Rei –  higher power

Ki – life force energy

Zen candle

In a reiki circle, people will be seated comfortably in chairs forming a circle. The session may begin with a guided meditation to set the tone of the experience. Last night we were guided deep into the sea, imagining ourselves as the water itself, vast and flowing without boundaries. There are several reiki practitioners that will then circle around the room, spending a few minutes on each person, placing their hands on the receiver’s shoulders, head, back, arms, knees or even feet. They may also take your hands and place them over your own heart to transfer love energy. As the person receiving Reiki, you will simply sit, relax, meditate if you’d like. There are no requirements. Everyone is accepted. The session lasts about an hour. I find the group setting to be energizing. There are so many types of people in the room with everyone’s different energies. Yet, your experience is completely your own as you turn your awareness inward, forgetting everyone else is present.

An hour may seem like a long time to sit but it goes pretty quickly. I feel that the energy of the room and anticipating a practitioner making their way to you tends to pass the time more quickly. My back sometimes gets a bit tight when I’m sitting still but I found that when I started moving around at the end, I actually felt a couple adjustments and felt really good. My boyfriend felt like his spine and body were ascending during the session, as if he kept lengthening and straightening, yet was continuously able to lengthen and straighten more and more, upward and beyond his physical body.

There are endless benefits to reiki. The most common being relaxation and stress relief.

Other benefits of reiki include:

  • reduces physical pain
  • promotes emotional healing and spiritual growth
  • improves sleep
  • mental clarity and balance
  • dissolves energy blocks
  • reduce anxiety
  • allows for a more positive mindset
  • enhances intuition and creativity

Reiki can be a positive healing experience for anyone. There are no contraindications. It’s a great opportunity to practice meditation. Plan your next Friday night as one of relaxation and stress relief. You’ll be happy you did!

Your zen friend,


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Welcome to Be Healthy and Zen!

I’m Sheree…your zen friend.

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Stress-Relief Coach, and Mental Wellness Freelance Writer.

My Journey

My health and wellness journey began when I went to massage school in my early 20’s. I had no idea the knowledge I would gain and experiences I would have along the way. I felt like I had entered another world I never even knew existed. Not only did I learn about massage therapy and anatomy and physiology, I learned about things like natural health, stress-relief, self-care, meditation, yoga, breathwork, energy, spirituality, manifestation, law of attraction and the universe…just to name a few.

It quickly became apparent to me that massage therapy was not just a job, it was a way of life.

As my new knowledge became my norm, I found that many people didn’t have these basic understandings or how they could apply them to help improve their lives. They didn’t understand how their bodies worked and how to optimize their wellness. They didn’t know what foods to eat to nurture their bodies They didn’t have the experience of changing their reality by changing the way they think and what they filled their mind with.

Over the years, I’ve always shared my knowledge with clients, friends, family and anyone else who would listen.

My Reality

My life is not always harmonious nor healthy. Currently, in these midlife years, I find life to be fairly stressful. I thought this was when I got to be a little more selfish and focus on myself. Dividing my time between working, my daughter, my mom, and my partner, I haven’t had that experience yet.

I definitely have my share of family drama. I sometimes get pissed off and aggravated at stupid things. I forget to be grateful. I spend too much time on social media. I easily loose my focus. I eat foods I know are not good for me. I love wine and craft beer. I haven’t had a consistent workout routine in way longer than I’d like to admit. The only time I listen to new age music is when I’m doing massage.

Despite what might be some not so healthy habits, I seek balance in my day to day life. I’m concious of how I’m feeling physically and emotionally…if I’m getting overwhelmed, if I am overeacting to things, if and when I need to take time for myself. I meditate often to bring me clarity, peace and insight. I love yoga although I don’t do it enough. I don’t watch the news. I let go of things I can’t control or have any influence over. I love to dwell in possibilities. I enoy eating healthy foods. I choose natural solutions for health and wellness. I’m continuously evolving and learning how to improve myself.

My Intention

It’s our choices that create our reality and we all have the ability to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life through the choices we make. I want to share with you many of the experiences and knowledge I have that perhaps are new and inspiring to you. I feel we all have something to share that other people can benefit from so I look forward to learning from you as well!

My desire is that you have peace and balance in your day to day life, that you have awareness to appreciate the experiences and people around you, that you offer kindness and receive kindness in return, that you express gratitude throughout your days, that you feel fantastic and that you live your best life.

Please feel free to reach out in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help out any way I can.

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