Life as we now know it … looking beyond a crisis that is changing the world

The current moment seems so overwhelming and challenging to settle into. The change from everyone constantly on the go, living in a state of never ending busyness, to having to slow down and dismiss the majority of normal daily obligations and activities.

School has been cancelled. People are working from home. Small businesses have been forced to close their doors for who knows how long. No family gatherings. No socializing with friends. Restaurants open only for pick up and delivery. Every part of normal as we know it is gone. “Social distancing” and “flattening the curve” are embedded in every moment of our day when just a couple months ago, we never even spoke these words.

I believe that to get through this difficult time, we have to begin to shift our focus to what life after the crisis will look like.

We can sit and watch the devastation unfold with real time updates on the pandemic, (the media has a captive audience right now),  or we can spend the time being present and make valuable use of our time. Valuable being time to rest, time to catch up, time with family, time being productive.  I’ll admit, while it seems like an easy choice to make, it’s really hard to get in the right mindset with all the uncertainty we are facing. I have struggled for various reasons and my good intentions for this much needed time off have not come together as I had hoped. It’s totally normal to go back and forth. Be patient with yourself and find your balance.

Now what?

One thing is certain, we now have what so many seem to be lacking the most in their lives…time.

It’s always your choice how you spend your time. Maybe what you need is to binge watch Netflix, catch up on shows and movies you’ve been wanting to watch. Take advantage of all the free concerts being streamed, virtual classes and tours being offered. I love this. I love the innovation. I love that we have access to all these things.

Sooner or later though, you have to look beyond the present. Look to the time after the pandemic has passed. What will life be like after Covid-19?  There will be significant changes in the world, no doubt. Your life as you have known it will be different. Probably in more ways than one. Maybe in ways that you couldn’t have foreseen.

Is there a positive to it all?

Now is the time to start looking at what you want your life to be and the future you want to create. Start making a plan. Start making lists. Jot down your ideas. Take any classes or webinars you need to learn new skills. Take action on anything and everything you can right now to prepare for life after Covid-19. This could be a really great opportunity to reset and restart the life you desire or enhance what you already have that’s working for you.

  • What life will you create for yourself?
  • What opportunities have you let pass you by because the timing wasn’t right and now you actually have the time?
  • What changes do you want make in your daily routine?
  • What traditions do you want to bring back or start?
  • What have you realized you can eliminate from your life?
  • What activities have you been doing that you want to continue with?

This is a time for personal growth and development. Be aware of what you are experiencing mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  Be conscious of the energy you are allowing in as well as putting out. How are you affecting your own reality? Keep your vibration high and limit unnecessary negativity. Get deep into thought, prayer, meditation, journaling and find your inner guidance.

“If everything around you seems dark, look again. You may be the light.”  –Rumi


Find a comfortable spot to sit or lie down.

Close your eyes and notice your breathing, being aware of each breath as you inhale and exhale, slowing it down as you breathe in to a count of 5 ….. pause ….. and breathe out to a count of 5. Continue this pattern for several moments and feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed. Release any tension in your shoulders, your neck and your back as you breathe deeply into these areas.

Notice any thoughts that begin to surface, acknowledge them and then let them go without any fear or judgement.

Now, imagine yourself outside in the warm sunlight, a gentle breeze
across your skin, the comforting feeling of peace and calm surrounds
you. Expand your vision to the open area around you and the fresh air you are breathing into your lungs. Notice the sky above and soft clouds slowly drifting by.

Start to think about your friends and family that you enjoy spending time with and how good it feels to be surrounded by the people you love. Remember their laughter and love, the hugging, touching, embracing, conversations, and just being comfortable in each other’s presence.

Put yourself in the future, several months from now when we are able to gather with everyone and return to work and living life fully ….. what does that look like for you? ….. Where do you see yourself? ….. Who are you with? ….. What are you doing? ….. You are creating it in this moment ….. what is important to you?

What are you glad you spent time on? How is it benefiting you now? Think about the new things you learned and how you’re able to put that to use in life as you now know it. Be grateful that you finally had time to clear the clutter from your home and start with a fresh palette. Think about the projects you completed and how accomplished you feel. You’re now able to share and enjoy your efforts with others. What else are you bringing with you into your new life?

Live in this possibilty for a moment. Feel the gratitude you have for everyone and everything. Be proud of yourself for enduring and making it through to the other side. Know that you did the best you could. Breathe in and embrace life as you now know it.

I’d love to hear what your positve experiences have been! Please reach out if you need help in creating that shift.

Your zen friend,


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