Transform – Let go of resistance and allow change to happen

I find myself questioning age calculations lately. How have I been a massage therapist for 26 years already? Is that right? Is it really 22 years ago that my friend got married? How is my daughter turning 18 this year? The math has to be off! I remember thinking how “old” my friend seemed when she said she was going to her 30 year high school reunion and here I am past that now. It goes so quick and sometimes we get stuck in the past, dwelling on how many years have passed by.

Resistance is a force that opposes motion, change or progress

Resistance is a force. Not just staying the same but physically, mentally, emotionally opposing what the future holds.

We have no way of knowing where life will take us in the future. Remember being in high school and wondering what everyone would look like or be like in 20 years, what the world would be like? Is it different than you thought? Did you think the fashion or music would always be the same? I loved the 80s hair bands, still do! Every generation has their own way, their own likes and dislikes and it seems if it’s different from how your generation did it (and it most definitely is), then it’s just wrong.

I’m more of a middle ground person, it’s in my nature. I’m an Aquarius who allows others to be themselves as long as I also get to be myself. I’m also a peacemaker so I am capable, sometimes to a fault, to see everyone’s perspectives on almost any situation. So the way I see it, we can’t fault the younger generations for their ways. The Boomers don’t like how Gen X does things either. I know this is not a popular opinion but I feel like we should let the Millennials and Gen Z find their own way, just like we did.

Most people tend to resist change because the new way of doing things is unfamiliar, nontraditional and let’s be honest, most of us just don’t like change.

What are you resisting right now? What are you holding on to?

Getting stuck in how things used to be will prevent you from moving forward in life. We weren’t meant to be stagnant or remain the same. Our purpose is for growth and expansion. We have to be willing to let go and accept that change is going to happen.

Easier said than done

We focus on all the things we’re unable to do that we used to do, no problem. Start to recognize something you can do now that you weren’t able to do when you were younger. What new habits or ways of doing things  have you brought in to your life? What are some things you appreciate about the younger generations now and the way they do things?

Have you kept up with the new technology or do you maybe need a little help? The kids now almost come pre-programmed and ready to grow with technology. Let them help you.

I was laughing with my friend the other day when she was attempting to answer her phone in the car but didn’t know whether the audio would come on through the speakers, the phone or her air pods … me too!! We are those people that are doing our best to keep up with it all but are struggling sometimes. You have to go with the flow of these changes.

Practice acceptance

Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness.  ~ Jean Vanier

Be open. Allow change to happen. Resistance is what makes it difficult.

We can’t foresee the future, not 30 years, not even 30 minutes. But we can choose every minute, every day, what we do want and how we respond to any situation. We can choose to be okay with it.

Acceptance is the act of allowing.

Letting go of resistance.

Allowing what is.

Accepting where you are.


Acceptance and resistance both create change

Acceptance and resistance are both actions, an act of allowing or an act of opposing. You choose which you are doing. Neither is passive. While the intention of resistance is to keep things the same, change is almost always inevitable.

So which do you choose, acceptance or resistance?

Chunking it down

If you’re having a hard time letting go of resistance, you can chunk it down into manageable increments. What is one small part of the bigger picture that you can accept? Start there and work your way through, step by step.

I don’t like physically aging and how everything is being done differently than it was when I was growing up …

… I’m resistant to the years passing by. So many things have ended before I was ready for them to …

… The changes are unfamiliar to me. I don’t feel comfortable. I have anxiety about everything happening around me that’s not in my control …

… I understand there is a time to allow a new way of doing things …

… I enjoy not having to be in control of it all …

… There are some parts of this that I have to admit are really exceptional …

… The more I observe and have experienced, the more I am able to appreciate all that is …

… I accept that I have moved into a more mature state of wisdom …

… I allow for change to occur as it is necessary in our evolution …

… I embrace the change that is occurring as part of our expansion of consciousness …

… I am at peace with my self, my surroundings and my experience …

Use this exercise with anything that feels overwhelming to you. Transform through these small steps that lead to a higher level of consciousness, allowing energy to flow and expansion to occur.

Tell me about your experience and reach out if you need help working through any resistance that is holding you back.

Your Zen Friend,


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