Rechargable Massage Gun Review – Is it good for pain relief?

Product: SOAIY 20 speed Rechargable Massage Gun

SOAIY Massage Gun

Price:  $109.99 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon


1. Button: Touch Button

2. Speed Mode: 20 gears

3. Vibration Frequency: 400-3200rmp

4. Noise Level: 40db

5. Charging Voltage: 16.8v–1A

6. Battery Capacity: 2500mA

7. Charging Time: About 4 hours

8. Working Time: About 8 hours ( in
the first gear)

My Rating: 9 out of 10

How difficult is it to get someone at home to massage your back or
your shoulders? Do you ever feel like you just need something to really get in
there and relieve the pain?

Then you need to try a massage gun for pain relief at home!

What exactly is a “massage gun” and why should you get one?

A massage gun is a handheld rechargeable device that is used at home, at the gym or on the go to relieve muscle tightness and tension.

It’s a handy tool to have around when you need a deep tissue massage but can’t make it in to your therapist right away. The massage gun is fantastic for self-care.

No, it’s not a professional massage

A massage gun is not going to be the same as going and getting a professional therapeutic massage but it is likely going to give you some sort of relief.

You will have to be the judge of how much pressure to use, what areas to use it in, how long to massage for and unless you have someone at home willing to do the massaging for you, you’ll have to do that yourself too. This tool is designed where it’s long enough and light enough to reach almost any area of your body on your own.

How do I use it?

Generally, you’ll want to apply enough pressure to feel the gun massager firmly on the muscle. Too little pressure will be ticklish and too much pressure is unnecessary. If you want it to be more intense, then use a higher speed.

Apply the massage gun to any areas where you feel muscle tightness. Don’t massage in one spot for too long. Muscles work together in groups, so broaden the area you are massaging to cover multiple muscles. Stay away from bony areas and work larger muscle areas instead.

Locate “trigger points” or areas where pain tends to localize. A trigger point may refer pain or a numbing sensation to other areas of body. If you find a trigger point, stay on it for 15 – 60 seconds. Once a trigger point is released, the pain will subside significantly.

Use different heads that come with the device for different areas and pressure.

I tend to get irritated with too long of a consistent vibration so I use the massager in short increments. Typically, 3-5 minutes at a time. If you are comfortable, you can certainly go longer than this or even do a full body massage.

Which massage gun is right for you?

All massage guns come with different settings for speed and vibration patterns. This can range from 4 settings to 80 settings. I personally don’t see the need for an excessive amount of settings so more is not better in my opinion.

Massage guns also come with different heads for various parts of the body, ranging from broad to specific areas. 6 different heads should be sufficient to cover any area.

You want a massage gun that is not going to be too loud or disruptive. Most seem to be fairly quiet with a sound decibel of 40db.

Battery life and recharging time are approximately 6-8 hours of battery life with a lithium rechargeable battery and 4 hours to fully recharge.

All parts of the gun will come in a convenient case for easy storage and portability.

Looking at all the different options of massage guns, my recommendation is the SOAIY Massage Gun, 20 Speeds Super Quiet Rechargeable Massage Gun Muscle Massager, Cordless Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun for Athletes, Back, Neck Pain Relief with 6 Heads, Carrying Case.

The price is in the median range and less than some other similar quality massage guns. If you want a higher quality professional massage gun, you’re going to pay quite a bit more. This is important if you’re going to use it in a clinical setting but for home use, the SOAIY Massage Gun is more than sufficient.

I’m curious to know what your experience has been with pain relief using the SOAIY Massage Gun. Please share your experience in the comments!

Creating healthy intimacy with partner self-care

Self-care can be a fun date type day/night for couples who want to do something positive and healthy for each other. As women, we know how important it is to prioritize ourselves but most often don’t do it and for men it seems to be a non-existent, taboo topic.

Take care of yourself

Nothing is better than showing someone how much you care by supporting them in bettering themselves and that you are willing to take care of yourself as well. Guys, I can tell you from personal experience that your woman will love you jumping on board with this (bonus points for taking the initiative) and you might find that you actually like it too and that’s OK!

So what types of things can you do that are couple friendly? There are plenty of options you can enjoy at home for an intimate evening of self-care.

Brushing Up

One of my favorites that my boyfriend and I do often is body brushing. He was surprised how much he enjoyed receiving this the first time we tried it and he loves giving it too! It’s very intimate, relaxing and even sensual. You just need a soft bristle body brush and you can add your favorite essential oils such as lemongrass or grapefruit if you’d like. Use soft, brisk strokes, stroking towards the heart, covering all areas of the body, front and back. This is easiest to do laying down on the bed and follow it up with a shower to rinse off the dead skin cells. Body brushing is not only great for softening your skin, it also boosts your immune system, increases lymphatic flow, improves circulation and relaxes the nervous system. Take turns doing this to each other and you’ll be amazed how relaxed and connected you’ll feel to your partner.

The Mask

Face masks are always a fun favorite. It’s quick and easy to do with very little effort. You can get individual packets of various masks. Get several and keep them on hand for anytime you want a little pampering. Apply the masks for each other as a way to create intimacy and usually a good laugh too. Make sure you take a pic for fun and memories. Add a sugar lip scrub to enhance the experience and leave you both with soft, sweet, smooth lips…

Elier Mud Mask


On the topic of scrubs…body scrubs are amazing, especially when your partner is the one scrubbing your back and whole body in the shower with an awesome smelling salt scrub. I typically add Rosemary and Lavender Essential Oils to Himalayan Salt and mix with fractionated coconut oil. Use soft scrubbing shower gloves or your bare hands and enjoy the stimulating experience.

And a rub

Massage cupping is an easy to learn technique that is therapeutic, fun to learn and experiment with and feels fantastic. Give feedback to let your massage buddy know how much pressure is good and what speed is best for you. It can be a little intense in areas so don’t try to rush through too quickly. I use fractionated coconut oil to make the glide easy. You can incorporate cupping into a massage or if you don’t feel confident in your massaging skills then stick with just the cups. It works wonders for relieving muscle tightness.

Here are some other massage tools you can try that will relieve stress and tension without feeling like you need to be a professional for it to be effective.

Thumper Sport

Deep Tissue Handheld Percussion Massager

Out and about

If you want to venture out for a day of self-care, you have a lot of options to choose from. Here are some ideas to check out:

  • Massage
  • Salt room
  • Gym
  • Yoga
  • Pedicures
  • Facials/hot shave
  • Sunset cruise
  • Beach
  • Air boat ride
  • Fishing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Hiking/Running/Biking
  • Exploring each others hobbies/crafts/interests

The idea is to have fun and enjoy your relaxing time, nurturing each other and feeling mutually cared for. It’s a fantastic relationship enhancer that you’ll want to add to your repertoire of date night activities.

Keep your love tank full and everyone around you will benefit.

Your zen friend,